The Patreon FAQ

Why did I not receive merch as I’ve been pledged for “X” amount of months.

We seem to have had this issue occur a fair bit within the 1st season. There are alot of reasons as to why this may have happened.

  • Missing the ‘2 Part Payment Window’

  • Merch is sent out every 2 months of pledging, for example:


    May 1st = a $31 payment is collected at the start of the month

    June 1st = a $31 payment is collected at the start of the month

    The Merch is then dispatched early to mid June as to be received at the end of June.

    However, for example:

    If you pay May 1st and stop pledging or decrease your pledge on Patreon, the June payment will not count as payment #2 and you will have missed the 2 part payment window. So you will not receive any merch.

    Some instances someone may join at the start of the next 2 Part Payment Window. For example:

    Someone might pay in May, miss the June payment and then rejoin in July. Although technically they have paid for 2 months unfortunately they have missed the 2 Part Payment Window  and the payment of July just goes towards the next merch drop period.

    Please Make sure you continue to pledge for the full merch drop shipment and do not alter your pledge in any way as this confused the system and cant pick you back up if you fall out.

  • Pledging late or after the shipment has been processed

  • Payments are collected at the start of the month, if you pledge mid month you may have unfortunately missed the shipment processing deadline. 

    Please inform us if that is the case and we will refund you (Patreon does however place a 90 day refund limit on Payments.) So please let us know as soon as possible.


    Address is incorrect or needs updating

    We may have sent the merch drops but your address might not be up to date please ensure your address is correct within patreon and the formatting is correct.

    If you wish to update your address details, you can do so within your account settings as we cannot alter your address.


    We just messed up somehow! 

    It's not unheard of, we are pretty dumb sometimes! So if there is an issue that hasn’t been covered in the previous subheadings please contact us and we will try our best to resolve it!

    Why do I get charged money to receive the merch from the postal service

    Unfortunately every country has their own individual customs duty quotas and it falls to you to pay the import duty fee.

    I want to change my size for future merch drops.

    Beforehand we had sent out a google form to have sizes for each merch drop which worked fairly well however there were some issues and alot of waiting around. 

    So from now on we will send out a form once to get preferred sizes for Tees and for Hoodies and we will go off of that in every merch drop. 

    If you receive your merch and think you will want different sizes next time, the best way to get this update is via the help email which will update your preferences for the next merch drop and we will update on the system.

    Please ensure your sizing is correct, and check via the website for accurate size information, as we cannot offer exchanges / refunds on the Patreon stock

    Choosing what merch drops you receive

    With the merch drops you do not decide what Merchandise you receive, everyone receives the same items each merch drop. The only customisable part is the sizes you pick. If you join the patreon a few months late (Merch drop #3) from the start you wont get merch drop #1 you will be on merch drop #3 same as everyone else.

    I joined the Patreon late / no spots open and I still want the merch!?!?

    Via the patreon the answer is no unfortunately!  However our online store is the place to get all your missed merchandise.